TaskPaper auto-creates clickable links when it recognizes link text. Here are some examples of the links that it recognizes:





Generally TaskPaper will recognize URIs of the form scheme:path. When you click on such a link the URI is handed off to macOS to resolve. In the case of mailto:address links the system will open your email program.

  • file:///Users/jesse/Desktop/myfile.txt
  • /Users/jesse/Desktop/myfile.txt
  • ./myfile.txt

You can create absolute links (starting with /) by dragging and dropping files onto your TaskPaper document. Relative links (starting with ./) are relative to the location where your TaskPaper document is saved. Note, often Finder will hide file extensions such as .txt. For TaskPaper links to work you must type in the exact file name, including any file extensions.

You must escape spaces in file links using \. For example to create a relative link to the file "my file.txt" you will need this link: ./my\ file.txt

In the direct download version of TaskPaper clicking a file link will open that file in its associated application. In the Mac App Store version of TaskPaper clicking a link will reveal that file in the Finder. (Sandbox restrictions don't allow TaskPaper to automatically open it)

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