TaskPaper 3.8.16 – Mar 18, 2021 Download

TaskPaper 3.8.15 – Feb 9, 2021 Download

TaskPaper 3.8.13 – Dec 15, 2020 Download

TaskPaper 3.8.12 – Nov 12, 2020 Download

TaskPaper 3.8.10 – Feb 13, 2020 Download

TaskPaper 3.8.8 – Feb 8, 2020 Download

TaskPaper 3.8.6 – Jun 13, 2019 Download

TaskPaper 3.8.5 – May 5, 2019 Download

TaskPaper 3.8.4 – Feb 5, 2019 Download

TaskPaper 3.8.3 – Jan 9, 2019 Download

TaskPaper 3.8.2 – Nov 15, 2018 Download

TaskPaper 3.8.1 – Oct 1, 2018 Download

TaskPaper 3.8 – Sep 19, 2018 Download

TaskPaper 3.7.7 – Jul 1, 2018 Download

TaskPaper 3.7.6 – Nov 21, 2017 Download

TaskPaper allows you to create tags by typing @ followed by a tag name. You can also include an optional value after the tag like this: @mytag(my value).

The new feature is that TaskPaper now understands lists of comma separated values. For example you can now type @job(jack,jane) and TaskPaper understands that there’s a list of values associated with the tag. When you click on “jack” your lists will be filtered to show all tasks where “jack” is listed on the job.

TaskPaper 3.7.5 – Nov 10, 2017 Download

TaskPaper 3.7.4 – Aug 14, 2017 Download

TaskPaper 3.7.3 – Jun 8, 2017 Download

TaskPaper 3.7.2 – May 11, 2017 Download

TaskPaper 3.7.1 – Apr 28, 2017 Download

TaskPaper 3.7 – Apr 27, 2017 Download

TaskPaper 3.7 improves how filtered items work in two ways:

  1. Filtered items are now selected only when a visible ancestor item is also selected.
  2. It’s now easier to see when you’ve selected filtered items so you don’t accidentally delete them.

Also this release:

TaskPaper 3.6.2 – Jan 23, 2017 Download

TaskPaper 3.6.1 – Jan 18, 2017 Download

TaskPaper 3.6 – Nov 15, 2016 Download

Reminders: Quickly import items from (or export to) Create reminders on the go with Siri then move them into TaskPaper at your Mac. Or export TaskPaper items to Reminders on your Phone.

Palettes: Create new items or select multiple items from the standard palette UI. Use Edit > Tag With… to apply multiple tags at once. Use Item > Move to Project… to both create a new project and move items to it in a single step.

TaskPaper 3.5.1 – Oct 13, 2016 Download

TaskPaper 3.5 – Oct 11, 2016 Download

Due to changes in TaskPaper’s bundle identifier TaskPaper 3.5 cannot auto-update itself. You will need to download again directly from using the following link. This is a free update, just re-enter your existing license key if prompted.








TaskPaper 3.3.2 – Jul 11, 2016 Download

The release frequency has slowed as I’ve taken a step back to work on some larger changes.

First, I’ve just finished restructuring TaskPaper’s code so that I’m able to open source the model layer (see links below). This makes it possible for other scripters and developers to process TaskPaper files on macOS, iOS, and anywhere else where there’s JavaScript.

Second, I’m now in the process of updating the user interface code to use Apple’s new Swift programming language. This will put TaskPaper on a better foundation to keep up with whatever changes Apple brings in the future. It’s also giving/forcing me to look through every line of code and fix all the dumb stuff that I did! I’m still a ways from done, but I’m making good progress.

Open Source Model Layer:

TaskPaper 3.3.1 – May 25, 2016 Download

TaskPaper 3.3 – May 19, 2016 Download

Added Expand/Collapse Commands:

Hold down “Option” key for a “Completely” variant of each item.

Removed Redundant Commands:

Please use the explicit Expand/Collapse commands for folding. Use “Tab” and “Shift-Tab” instead of the Indent and Un-Indent menu items. I think any short term pain this causes will make TaskPaper a more nimble and focused app long term.

Improved Item Movement in Filtered Views:

  1. Moving items should never “capture” hidden items as children.
  2. No additional items should appear on screen when moving items.

Added New ”filtered” Item Handle State:

This state joins the existing “Expanded” and “Collapsed” states. Filtered state indicates that some children are visible and others are filtered out of the display. Click a filtered handle to expand it to show all children.

  1. Expanded – Dim empty circle
  2. Collapsed – Bright filed circle
  3. Filtered – Dim filled circle

Other Changes:

Theme Additions:

TaskPaper 3.2.1 – May 6, 2016 Download

TaskPaper 3.2 – Apr 22, 2016 Download

Scripting API

TaskPaper 3.1 – Apr 1, 2016 Download

Theme Additions:

Theme Additions Demo:

editor {
  guide-line-width: 2;
  item-handle-size: 8;
item[depth=1][data-type=project] {
  paragraph-spacing-before: 10;
  paragraph-spacing-after: 20;

TaskPaper 3.0.1 – Mar 23, 2016 Download

TaskPaper 3 – Mar 16, 2016 Download


Download old and unsupported versions of TaskPaper.